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        Hunan OPULENT Technology Co., Ltd. was established in October 2008 with a registered capital of 10,200,000 RMB. It is cultivated and developed from the birthplace of hybrid rice, and strives to create a combination of “production, learning and research” to operate hybrid rice. It is a high-tech agricultural high-tech enterprise that combines scientific research, breeding, production, processing, sales, promotion and consulting services. It has the national integrated breeding and import and export business license qualification. Academician Yuan Longping, the father of hybrid rice, is the company's title and serves as a technical consultant. The researcher of the company, Zhang Zhenhua, is a national model worker, the winner of the 7th Yuan Longping Agricultural Science and Technology Award, and enjoys the special allowance of the State Council and the special allowance of the Hunan Provincial Government.

        In 2012, the company was approved by the relevant departments to establish an “Academician Expert Workstation”. It is a backbone enterprise of China Seed Industry, a director unit of China Seed Association, a vice chairman unit of Hunan Seed Association, a leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Hunan Province, a key listed reserve enterprise in Hunan Province, and an innovative (pilot) enterprise in Hunan Province. China's seed industry AAA credit enterprise, "Hunan Province quality service integrity commitment demonstration unit", "Hunan Province quality credit AAA enterprise", "Hunan Province quality service double excellent unit", "Huaihua leading enterprise base construction advanced unit" .

        The company has established long-term cooperation in production, study and research with domestic hybrid rice engineering technology research centers, Hunan Normal University, Huaihua Vocational and Technical College and other domestic research institutes. The company now has more than 680 acres of high-standard commercial breeding and pilot core base and Nanfan base, more than 35,000 acres of stable and safe breeding base, covering 54 acres of seed inspection and storage and processing center. It has a large number of rice and corn breeding germplasm materials, and has undertaken more than 30 national, provincial and municipal agricultural science and technology research projects, successfully breaking through the "high-quality high-quality edible rice breeding" and "the distant source of 籼, 粳, and claw subspecies." Hybrid” core technology, with more than 40 three-series, two-line parents with full intellectual property rights and independent development and management rights, and high-quality hybrid rice and new maize varieties with different maturity. It has successively bred 6 national trial varieties and 26 provincial-level certified varieties; Yucheng Y Liangyou 8188, Yunliangyou 5455, Tianliangyou 3000 and other new varieties with more than 10 mu yields exceeding 1000 kg, of which Y Liangyou 8188 has successively In 2012, it passed the third phase of the Ministry of Agriculture's super rice (917.72 kg per mu), and in 2015, it passed the on-site inspection of the fourth super rice (1005.5 kg per mu). The company's innovation "land production five-in-one (scale, intensive, standardization, mechanization, specialization) seed production model" and the realization of "fine seed direct sales ERP remote management and after-sales service system", with continuous supply of high-tech for different ecological regions Excellent R&D and production management capabilities of a wide variety of products with a wide range of content and market applications.

With the vision of “developing hybrid rice and benefiting the people of the world”, the company firmly establishes the sense of social responsibility and mission of “making the people of the world have a full meal”, and strictly implements the principle of “the quality of seeds is no small matter, the interests of farmers are greater than the sky”. Training, earnestly abide by the business philosophy of "using the Austrian spectrum to breed and broadcast the whole world", and strive to realize the "He Xia Chengliang Dream" and "Hybrid Rice Covering the Global Dream" by Academician Yuan Longping, and actively promote the organic integration of industrial capital and intellectual capital. We will build the brand of “Aoweilong Technology” to achieve sustainable development, and strive to benefit the best quality seeds in the vast rural areas, ensure farmers increase production and income, promote the development of China's agricultural industrialization, and guarantee food security in China and the world. Make a bigger contribution!

Hunan Opulent Science and Technology Co., LTD.

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Hunan Opulent Science and Technology Co., LTD.
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