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Variety display

Qian Feng 103A

New maintainer lines and paired sterile lines were bred by using blast-resistant maintainer line Digu B, early-maturing high-quality Yue 4B and high-quality conventional rice. The height of male steri

Six Fu A

Innovative science and technology use of current multiple maintainer line germplasm materials and multiple generations of backcrossing breeding, sterile plant rate and sterility 100%, plant type moder

Aufu A

Wild abortion type high-quality three-line male sterile line, fertility stable abortion thoroughly, the whole growth period is similar to T98A, plant type compact stem medium thickness, tillering medi

Strong 11S Hongfeng 80S Xiong Feng S

Y58S, Xiangling 628S and Guangzhan 63S were used as the gene donors for genic male sterility (GMS) and excellent materials containing Indica-Japonica crosses, respectively. They were directionally bre

Tianan S

Tian'an S, an early-maturing, multi-spike, high-quality, photo-thermo-sensitive genic male sterile line, was developed by crossing "Y58S" with Indica-Japonica hybrids. It was identified by Chinese ric

Yunfeng S

Oolong 1S, Y58S, Guangxi 63S and disease-resistant germplasm materials were directionally bred by multiple hybrid. The comprehensive characters were improved more than the parents. The sterility was

TIAN-liangyou 218

QIANG-liangyou 698

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