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Wu Hou Xiong

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Wu Houxiong, male, born in September 1973, is a member of the Communist Party of China, with a master's degree, an associate researcher, and is currently the executive vice-director of Hunan Huaihua Opulon Crop Breeding Engineering Research Institute, deputy general manager and chief expert of Hunan Opulon Technology Co., Ltd. Over the past four years, eight new combinations, including Aolong You 282, Y Liangyou 696 and C Liangyou 255, have been bred through national or provincial level. More than 10 varieties of super rice with wide adaptability, high quality and high yield, including Y Liangyou 1188, Y Liangyou 9988, Tianliangyou 2008, and 20 new varieties of middle and late rice, have been bred and tested in different regions. They have won 8 provincial and municipal science and technology progress awards. They have been awarded important academic journals at home and abroad, such as Ecology Journal, Crop Journal, Seed Sci & Technol, etc. More than 30 research papers have been published.

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