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Address: Luyang Town, Zhongfang County, Huaihua City, Hunan Province
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First, recruitment positions:
(1) Breeding experts (2 to 3 people)
Job Description: Mainly responsible for the selection and management of new varieties and cultivation techniques; analyze and summarize the experience and lessons learned in the breeding process of new varieties, prepare summary reports; be responsible for the application, implementation and summary of scientific research projects; Communication and management.
job requirements:
1. College degree or above, related majors in agriculture, agriculture, etc., with intermediate or above titles, engaged in hybrid rice or hybrid maize breeding for more than 5 years;
2, good physical fitness, can bear hardships and stand hard work, age below 50 years old (excellent excellent age can be relaxed);
3. The professional foundation is solid and familiar with professional technical specifications;
4. Strong language and writing skills, good communication skills and strong sense of confidentiality.
5, the following conditions are preferred: 1 has achieved municipal and above scientific and technological progress awards, industry-based breakthrough breeding research results or invention; 2 has undertaken or is undertaking national and provincial scientific research projects; 3 senior titles.
(II) Marketing Regional Manager (5 people)
job requirements:
1. College degree or above, passionate about marketing services;
2. There are more than two years marketing manager;
3, good physical fitness, can bear hardships and stand hard work, age 40 years old, can adapt to business trips;
4. Have high business judgment ability and market analysis and development ability;
5, good at communication, strong sense of responsibility, and a good spirit of teamwork.
(3) Information Commissioner (1 person)
Job Description: Responsible for the planning and construction of the company's overall information platform, information system implementation and risk control, network construction, data security mechanism; responsible for office equipment maintenance and maintenance, computer hardware management and server, network line maintenance management; Information security, virus prevention, establishment and improvement of information and data security systems and specifications; responsible for ERP software, application software (office, financial software) management, to ensure the normal operation of system software; responsible for ERP system data collection, combing, entry , audit and data analysis, responsible for the operation and maintenance of the ERP system, regular inspections, data backup, troubleshooting and resolution.
job requirements:
1. Graduated from computer, information management, network engineering and other related majors, college degree or above, more than 3 years relevant work experience;
2. Familiar with the network construction, network and hardware maintenance, can solve the general network and computer hardware and software failures independently, and have better computer information management and application skills;
3, proficient in network security, server, database maintenance, can independently set up and maintain enterprise LAN;
4. Familiar with the implementation, maintenance, upgrade and daily management of the ERP system;
5, strong execution, good sense of service, teamwork awareness and active reporting, high sense of responsibility and good professionalism.
(4) Foreign Trade Commissioner (1 person)
Job Description: Mainly engaged in the work related to the export of hybrid rice seeds.
job requirements:
1. Relevant majors in seed, agriculture, international trade or English, college degree or above, fluent in spoken English;
2. Familiar with import and export trade procedures, procedures and related laws and regulations, more than two years of relevant work experience, foreign trade related qualifications are preferred;
3. Strong market analysis, marketing, promotion ability and good interpersonal communication, coordination ability, analysis and problem solving ability;
4, with good professionalism, a strong career, hard work, cheerful personality, lively, team spirit.
(5) Seed production technicians (3 persons)
Job Description: Familiar with the complete business process and technical operation essentials of hybrid rice seed production, hard work, strong sense of responsibility and stable work.
(6) Securities affairs representative (1 person)
description of job:
1. Assisting the Secretary of the Board of Directors in completing the IPO listing of the company;
2. Assisting the Secretary of the Board of Directors in conducting company counseling;
3. Assisting the Secretary of the Board of Directors in improving the daily governance structure of the company and standardizing governance, and fulfilling the functions of the three sessions;
4. Assisting the Secretary of the Board of Directors in doing a good job in company information disclosure;
5. Assisting the Secretary of the Board of Directors in doing a good job in investor relations management and related file management;
6. Organizing preparations for the "three sessions" and preparing meeting materials;
7. Responsible for the drafting and management of documents related to securities affairs;
8. Complete other tasks assigned by the board of directors and company leaders.
1. Diploma in finance, finance, law or Chinese, college degree or above;
2. Familiar with securities laws, administrative regulations, rules and other normative documents, and have the necessary professional knowledge and ability to perform their duties;
3. Proficiency in office and securities analysis software, and received training in finance, securities, and law;
4, proficient in all kinds of official document writing, solid writing skills;
5, with good professionalism, executive ability, logical thinking ability, understanding ability, communication ability;
6. Have worked in related positions for more than one year in the listed company or listed company, and familiar with the operation process is preferred.


Second, benefits and subsidies:
The company pays “five insurance and one gold” for formal employees; filial piety award 600-2000 yuan/year; high temperature cold subsidy 100 yuan/month; holiday subsidy; academic allowance 80-800 yuan/month; transportation subsidy 260-1800 yuan/month Dining allowance is 6-15 yuan / day.


Third, contact information
Contact: Shu Manager
Phone: 18075565158 0745-2329168
Address: Hunan Aolonglong Technology Co., Ltd., Fuyang Town, Zhongfang County, Huaihua City, Hunan Province
Zip code: 418000
Requirements: Please send your resume + 2 photos to this email address, no more than 5M. Applicants selected through resume,
We will inform the interview as soon as possible.