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Address: Luyang Town, Zhongfang County, Huaihua City, Hunan Province
Tel: 0745-8680128 2329168


company culture

company culture

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Core concept
Company vision: developing hybrid rice for the benefit of the world's people
Company mission: Strive to realize the dream of enjoying the world, let the people of the world have a full meal
Company positioning: taking Huaihua as the center, radiating the country, going to the world
Company philosophy: advocating science, pursuing excellence
Company spirit: pioneering and enterprising, pragmatic innovation
Core value: honest and trustworthy, dedicated dedication
Core strengths: cohesion, execution, combat effectiveness, innovation and team energy
Development ideas: take the road of "combining production, study and research" and promote the development of "integration of breeding, breeding and integration"

Business philosophy
Talent concept: People-oriented, both ability and political integrity, ethics is used, only talent is
Management philosophy: fine and efficient, vigorous and vigorous, implementation in place, day after day
Scientific research concept: innovation and technology, dedication to classics, close to the market, perfect area
Production concept: model innovation, technology in place, attention to detail, optimization
Quality concept: Quality is the lifeblood of an enterprise's survival, and the seed is not a boutique or a waste product.
Marketing concept: integrity cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win, resource sharing, harmonious development
Variety concept: there can be no fatal weaknesses, but there must be prominent highlights
Service concept: perfect breeding, good technical service and thoughtful service

Employee oath
To be an excellent Austrian company, to take the responsibility of “Science and Technology for Agriculture, Industry for the Country”, adhere to the entrepreneurial principle of “making hundreds of millions of farmers rich and responsible for human society”, and establish the core values of “honest and trustworthy, dedication and dedication”. Carry forward the company spirit of “pioneering, enterprising, pragmatic and innovative”, gather our wisdom and inspiration, put our youth and strength, go forward, never give up, surpass ourselves, challenge the limits, and create a world-class agricultural high-tech enterprise. Casting Hunan Aoweilong brilliant tomorrow!